10 Perks of Being Next to Wash U Without Going to Wash U

Here are just 10 perks of being at a university next to Wash U, without being Wash U.

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As a student at Fontbonne there is one thing you learn very early on and are constantly reminded of in your time here: We are not Wash U. Wash U and Fontbonne are two very different worlds.

Okay, we get it. However, that did not stop me from thinking of all of the wonderful perks you get going to the university on the south side of Wydown Blvd. When you’re a student at Fontbonne and not Wash U:

1. You get credited as a government conspiracy theory.

Take that, Area 51.

2. Presidential candidates want nothing to do with us.

Following this last election cycle, I think we’ll gladly sit them out.

3. There’s extra incentive to swipe right on us on Tinder just out of pure curiosity and wonder.

Don’t act like you’ve never wondered what goes on south of Wydown.

4. Wash U’s campus—which is approximately 10.56 times larger than our 16 acre campus— serves as a great landmark when being picked up or dropped off.

“We’re just right over by Wash U.”

5. It only costs $18 to throw on some red and green and find a group to blend in with over on Forsyth for a fun night.

It costs about $34 to Uber to Ballpark Village and back. That’s on a weekday night. Go figure.

6. Fraternities name drinking games after you!

It’d be neat if anyone from Fontbonne could join in the fun too.

7. Wearing Fontbonne gear around Big Bend/Forsyth is always a conversation starter, no matter how positive or negative.

Whether met with heckles or shocked looks of disbelief, a little recognition can be nice.

8. Even though Wash U’s campus is constantly under construction, it never affects us!

Their campus has been under so much construction the university created an entire website to address the various projects. To put it in perspective, Fontbonne’s interactive online dining hall menu was only introduced this past August.

9. We have the same beautiful views, just go to different schools.

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Photo by Quinn Wilson
Photo by Quinn Wilson

We live in one of the most beautiful areas in St. Louis.

10. When bending the rules of the road, more times than not we exhale with relief when realizing, “No, that’s not Clayton PD, just Wash U security.”

We very much assume their rules do not apply to us.

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