Top 10 Things to Take Away from the 10th Annual International Bazaar

Missed the 10th annual International Bazaar? Here are the top things to take away from one of Fontbonne’s most-loved events.

Fontbonne students come from a large variety of different places and backgrounds; the annual International Bazaar gives each student the opportunity to learn about and appreciate the different cultures represented in our tight-knit community. On November 14th in Mabee Gymnasium, Fontbonne students and faculty came together to celebrate our students’ culture for the 10th annual International Bazaar. Here are the top ten things to take away from this remarkable event.

1. There is so much delicious food in this world

From the pan dulce (sweet bread) to matcha (green tea) to baklava (sweet, layered pastry with nuts and honey), the students at the bazaar prepared the most delectable food.

Photo courtesy of Claire Gunn

2. There is always a reason to celebrate

From Colombia’s Festival of Flowers to the Japanese hina matsuri, each country celebrates many things that are special to them.

3. There is always an opportunity to learn and to serve

Fontbonne offers many opportunities to study abroad, and also offers a unique cultural and service-oriented experience with a two-week trip to Gulu, Uganda next summer in 2018. If you’re interested in study abroad or going on this immersive, once-in-a-lifetime experience, contact Dr. Corinne Wohlford.

4. Friendship begins with hospitality and an open heart

Photo courtesy of Lillian Corzine

5. Art can be expressed in many different ways

Painting, drawing, dance, henna tattoos, photography, music: Artistic expression varies from place to place and from person to person.

Photo courtesy of Lizzie Tran

6. Clothing is traditional, yet endlessly remarkable

Photo courtesy of Lizzie Tran

7. Everyone can dance

Photo courtesy of Claire Ford

8. Everyone deserves a voice

Numerous countries—big or small—were represented at the bazaar.

Photo courtesy of Claire Ford

9. Fontbonne students are extremely unique

There are 25 countries represented by the students that compose Fontbonne. This diversity generates such a positive, fascinating atmosphere that makes going to school way easier and much more enjoyable.

10. The student cultures at Fontbonne unite to make Fontbonne all that “Fontbonne” is

With an emphasis on respect, diversity, and community, Fontbonne relies on its students to create an atmosphere of excellence, a passion for knowledge, and a yearning to find and develop one’s own personal identity while being shaped by the students surrounding them.

Photo courtesy of Lizzie Tran

I am a sophomore Professional Writing major from St. Louis, Missouri. I attended Bishop DuBourg High School, and am involved in Campus Ministry, the Honors Program, and the Women's Basketball team here at Fontbonne University. I am a huge foodie and am helplessly addicted to coffee; you can probably find me in the corner of Starbucks reading a book.

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