Fontbonne 2017 Student Highlights

It’s no surprise that Fontbonne is full of amazing students who accomplish great things every day. Through classes, work, and extra curriculars students still manage to strive “to become global citizens who think critically, act ethically and serve responsibly.” There was no shortage of those accomplishments in the 2017 school year, here are just a few:

Nia Coleman

Nia worked with Dr. Tian to design the Griffin Guide, an app designed to give students information on where they can get answers to their questions on campus. The app will be available to students in Spring 2018. Nia was excited about the opportunity as this is an area of design she wanted to get into. She enjoyed coming up with the design concept, as well as the learning experience that gave her “a new-found respect for people who design really dynamic websites.”

Kayley Cunningham & Jesse McClanahan

As 1G Collective mentors, Kayley and Jesse worked with other first-generation college students on developing academic success. Amy Simons, Director of Student Success & Engagement and Interim Director of the Kinkel Center for Academic Resources, said that having Kayley and Jesse as mentors meant that that they gained something from the program when they themselves were mentees, and that their willingness to be mentors speaks to the benefits of the program.

Thomas Hood

Thomas was a supplemental instructor in the College Algebra class (MTH 105). He attended classes with students and worked with them outside of class to help them succeed in their courses. Thomas was eager to assist students in learning how to “use their resources to critically think and work the problems out themselves.” Thomas describes the experience as fantastic and believes the program “is creating diligent students who will be able to be tomorrow’s problem solvers and innovators.”

Sarah Jimenez

Last spring Sarah studied abroad in Oviedo, Spain for an intensive Spanish language learning program. She resided in a city were English was barely spoken, and although this presented challenges, Sarah came out feeling “independent and resourceful, and that I have the power in me to overcome the hardest of challenges.” Sarah strongly recommends anyone considering studying abroad to take the opportunity if they can. You can find more information about Fontbonne’s study abroad opportunities here.

Sarah in Spain
Sarah in Spain. Photo courtesy of Sarah Jimenez.

Claire Nutter

Claire was accepted to the Peace Corps in Colombia. She will begin her work there in January and will be gone for 27 months. She will be working as a Primary Education English Teacher Trainer, teaching Colombian teachers how to apply English into their lessons. From this experience Claire hopes to “gain a whole new perspective about the world and make lasting relationships with the people I’m going to meet.”

Maddie Redohl

In addition to her job as a rehab aid and internship at Shriners Hospital, Maddie, captain of the soccer team and student ambassador, has close to a 4.0 GPA. During her internship, Maddie assisted an occupational therapist with various tasks, observed patients being in the clinic and therapy gym, and had the opportunity to play with young kids. For Maddie the experience was “very eye-opening and allowed me to learn so much within the field of occupational therapy.” Maddie hopes to pursue her master’s degree of Occupational Therapy at Maryville University.

Jake Swanner

This year Jake earned a scholarship from the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS), a professional organization for marketing and business professionals, where he serves as the 2017-2018 Student Chapter Leader. As a member, Jake attends networking events and seminars that help with professional development. Jake and his fiancée also adopted a rescue dog, McCoy, who is deaf and blind in his left eye. Taking in McCoy was not easy at first, “we had to learn about each other and get into a routine” said Jake. “After the first week, we knew we couldn’t let him go. He has taught us to be open to new things and to be patient.” Jake is currently teaching McCoy signs by touch in order to communicate with him. Both adopting McCoy and his involvement in SMPS have been a growing experience for Jake.

Jake and McCoy
Jake and McCoy. Photo courtesy of Jake Swanner.

Fannie Terrell

As an intern at the Missouri Humanities Council, Fannie worked on developing a discussion guide for “Just Listening: A Short Film About Art and Activism”. The film focuses on St. Louis artist who use their art as a platform for activism, and their experiences with Ferguson and the aftermath of the shooting of Michael Brown. For Fannie her internship has been “quite pivotal for me in my growth in understanding the importance of activism and my role as an activist. The opportunity has not only been an incredible learning experience, but also a starting point for my own journey as an activist.”

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