National Poetry Month Contest Winner

Congratulations to Ian F. Farmer, whose poem "In a Breath" took first place!

After a rigorous selection process, the Griffin Roar is happy to announce the winner of the National Poetry Month Contest. Congratulations to Ian F. Farmer, whose poem “In a Breath” took first place!


In a Breath, by Ian F. Farmer

What I’m hungry for is the hunger for.
Not the thing itself.
I feel I’m wanting for a wanting
Not the thing but the desire,
I’m wanting the hunger
To push me,
To pull me
To make me
Grow up some more.
Maybe I’m light or I’m
the fog that holds him.
Or else I’m a naked tree, limbs
stretching reaching for the sun.
Or I’m a small child dreaming, wanting
I’m not afraid or am I just proud or am I
blind or stuck in my mind, what a great
net thoughts can spin and knot and tie.
So I,
Sit quiet with mind bubbles rising and away.
Breathe deep my roots planted in the abyss of
the most inner thoughtless place.
What ways do I try so hard to be a person not myself? I post words of grief over and over and over until my dried blood wound is surely a scar.
In what ways am I not my true self? What stone can the carver take that is not me? Exhaustion often guides my daily choices. To the couch or the library for a rest. To the strings of my uke for a comforting hum.
Deeply, pull the air down down to fill the bowels of my viscera.
Yet my life is happy, no? My life is full of things that should bring me to the mountain peaks of self where thin cold air cuts life into cheeks, where the sun burns eyes and skin but warms nothing, where the ocean’s salt cleaning waves will never touch me. Yet here, with my naked feet rooted firmly into the sand at the deepest place in my soul where my tears mix with the ancient other, where light from the sun dances from the cresting waves miles above, here is where my soul appears to me. Am I ok?
Breath out. Another thought dissipates like smoke.
Silence helps me find fullness. Stillness helps me loosen knots and remember where I am. But I may never know myself.


The Griffin Roar team would like to thank everyone who participated in the contest. Please feel free to submit more work for publication consideration.

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