Graduating Seniors Give Warm Reflections of Time at Fontbonne

With graduation around the corner, Fontbonne prepares to send off a class comprised of diverse students. With 416 students receiving their degrees, there will be many faces walking across the stage at Chaifetz Arena who have walked the halls at Fontbonne for the past several years.

For those set to don their caps and gowns on May 7, their time as students at Fontbonne will be coming to a close. Six graduating students were asked to share their experiences from their time here at Fontbonne, and each of them gave very warm recollections of their time here.

“Fontbonne has been very good to me. Everyone from the janitors, to cooks, to teachers and coaches have welcomed me with open arms, while also providing me with well-needed lessons to shape me into the person I have become today.”

—James Wiggins


“My experience at Fontbonne has been a life-changing experience for me, because coming from Louisiana and spending the past four years here I have had the opportunity to explore different topics on race and race relations that I wouldn’t have gotten to do when I was at home with our school system there. This has led me onto the path to figure out what I want to do and that is becoming a criminal defense lawyer. I’m really grateful to Fontbonne for everything they’ve done.”

—Fannie Terrell


“Fontbonne has allowed me to make lifelong friends through soccer, while also receiving an excellent education. The professors are always incredibly helpful and over the past 3.5 years, Fontbonne has become home to me.”

—Madeline Redohl


“Incredible, going to Fontbonne for 4 years has truly allowed me to find and grow into myself. I learned more from the people around me than I would’ve learned in a lecture hall, and it offered me opportunities that I otherwise would’ve never had the chance to reach for.”

—Clayton Bond


“Fontbonne gave me the opportunity to not only excel in academics, but to keep playing the sport I love while being an actively involved student leader.”

—Blake Wisniewski


“The community of Fontbonne has been like a family to me. I’ve made life long friends here some I consider family.”

—Justin Marks

I am a junior and a Professional Writing major.

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