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“Oh no! I’m going to be late!” Said Every Commuter Ever

Looking for things to occupy your brain while commuting to Fontbonne? Check this out!

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What time do you plan on getting to school? What time do you actually get to school? It seems like there is no escape from the early morning traffic. People on their way to work, school buses stopping to pick up students, buses picking up passengers, and groups of kids crossing the street to get to school are just some of the things that can clog up the streets and prevent Fontbonne’s student commuters from getting to class on time. Whether it’s a 20-minute drive or an hour drive, traffic is inevitable. There is not much to do when you are crawling at five miles per hour on the highway… or is there?

I am a junior at Fontbonne University and I commute from Wildwood. The drive without traffic is about 45 minutes, but with traffic it can last up to an hour. I usually keep the same routine every morning, but I have learned that five minutes makes a significant difference. When I am on the road approaching traffic I usually pull up my saved email for my teacher letting them know I will be running a little late due to traffic.  I have never sent the email, though. I end up listening to my music the whole way to school. I don’t have a specific playlist or anything special like that, but I do tend to listen to the same artists in the morning. Trippie Redd, Lil Yachty, Migos, Chance the Rapper, and Lil Uzi Vert are just some of the artists that I bump through my speakers during my commute. It helps take my mind off the monotony of my everyday travels.

Through my short interviews with students at Fontbonne, I have discovered that I am not the only one who commutes from Wildwood. Anna, a freshman at Fontbonne, says she also has a daily drive that lasts between 45-minutes to about an hour. She says that being slowed down because of traffic is something that she can always count on. Some days she thinks that she won’t make it to her morning classes, but somehow, she does. What gets her through the slow-moving traffic? A nice “chill” playlist from Apple Music. It is always playing something new and that keeps her looking forward to each new day.

Jalen, a junior at Fontbonne University, has a relatively short drive from home to Fontbonne. 20 minutes from St. Ann, Missouri to Fontbonne is a drive that may not seem too bad, but Jalen has added something to his drive that makes it more amusing. “I like to listen to the ‘Rickey Smiley Morning Show’,” Jalen said. “It makes my mornings less boring and helps me wake up because I tend to laugh throughout the show.” The show’s talk radio format includes the information about what is happening in the community, the latest about what is happening in the music industry, and a joke of the day. Overall the show always has something worth tuning in to. If you are interested, you can catch it by tuning into WHHL 104.1 FM from 6:00 am to 10:00 am.

Ryan, a senior at Fontbonne, travels from Pacific, Missouri. It is roughly the same distance to Fontbonne as Wildwood; around an hour drive. Hitting the shuffle button on his music is a big part of his everyday commute to school in the mornings. The only thing that he would change about the everyday commute would be adding automatic turn signals. People are always changing lanes without letting the person behind them know that they are coming over. This is something that I can support. I experience the same problem everyday too.

So, no matter where you are coming from it seems like there is no escape from the dreaded St. Louis traffic. Figuring out something to take your mind off of how slow you’re traveling seems to be a key ingredient in remaining calm. Make sure you have your “I am going to be late to class because of traffic” emails ready to go, and don’t forget to use your turn signal so that your morning commute goes as smoothly as possible.

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Photo Credits: Jon Frederick
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