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Fall Eats and Fall Treats: 13 Movies to Watch and Snacks to Make this Fall

It’s finally fall in St. Louis! (Well, maybe technically but not meteorologically). Fall means two things: yummy treats and delicious food. When the weather changes from sweltering to chilly (hopefully), all I will ever want to do on a Saturday night or Sunday afternoon is cozy-up and watch movies all day. And, to watch movies, you need to have yummy snacks.

Put on your favorite hoodie, get hungry, and grab your best friends: here is a list of the movies to watch and perfectly-paired treats to make this fall.

1. Harry Potter—Butterbeer

You can’t have a fall movie marathon without watching at least one Harry Potter movie.

There are so many different foods in the world of Harry Potter, but only one delectable treat has completely captivated the muggle world: butterbeer.

movies and food.jpg

Recipe: (I’ve tried multiple recipes. This one is the best!)

Never fret, vegans. Here’s a dairy-free rendition:

2. Halloweentown, Twitches, or literally any other Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM) about Halloween—Pillsbury Shape Cookies

DCOMs are childhood classics for Millennials. Halloweentown is a popular favorite, followed by Twitches, Mom’s Got a Date with a Vampire, and Don’t Look Under the Bed.

This recipe is the easiest and—quite possibly—the most delicious. The Pillsbury cut-and-bake cookies taste like pure sugar and nostalgia.

movies and food6.jpg

Get them at the grocery store for around $3.

3. Remember the Titans—Pig[skins] in a Blanket

Nothin’ says Fall like being under the Friday night lights. Even if you can’t get out on the field this Friday, Remember the Titans gives you your football fix.

Pigs in a Blanket are one of the few savory treats on this list. This classic appetizer is always a touchdown.

movies and food11.jpg


4. Nightmare Before Christmas—Oreo Pops

What’s this? What’s this? Two of the best holidays of the year combined into one beautifully-creepy film: what more could you ask for?

These Jack Skellington Oreo Pops are adorable and delicious.

movies and food8.jpg


5. Hocus Pocus—S’mores Spell Book Pops

Another Halloween cult classic, Hocus Pocus is a beloved film for kids, teens, and adults alike.

You have to pair a classic fall treat with a classic fall film. So, here’s a classic treat with a spooky twist.

movies and food7.jpg


6. Dead Poets Society—Caramel Apples

Dead Poets Society could quite possibly have the most beautiful Fall setting in cinematic history. The gorgeous Welton campus paired with the boarding-school vibes evoke a very cozy feeling. (Be warned: you will cry.)

Perfectly shiny and crisp caramel apples are just as beautiful as the setting and poems in this film.

movies and food4.jpg


7. Ghostbusters—Rice Krispy Treats

Can’t have a fall movie marathon without some ghosts! Ghostbusters is equally creepy as it is hysterical. Who ya gonna call?

Marshmallow rice krispie treats are delicious and the perfect tribute to the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man (RIP).

movies and food5


8. Goosebumps—Crazy Shakes

Everyone’s favorite childhood book series became a movie in 2015!

The sequel film—which drops October 12, 2018—is a must-see this fall!

A wacky shake pairs perfectly with all of R.L Stine’s crazy creations in Goosebumps. It also pairs well with our crazy STL weather (why is it 90 degrees in October?)

movies and food2.jpg

Recipe ideas to get you started: 

9. Paranormal Activity—Spooky Nutter Butters

Alright thriller fans: this one is for you. The six Paranormal Activity movies are terrifyingly silent thrillers that will make anyone—regardless of whether you’ve seen them before or not—jump with fright.

These ghost nutter butters are adorably tasty. They look as scared as we do when we are watching the Paranormal Activity movies.

movies and food9.jpg


10. You’ve Got Mail—Copycat Starbucks Banana Nut Bread

Come on, I had to throw a rom-com in here! You’ve Got Mail starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan takes place in the fall in New York—and it’s perfection.

Because Joe and Kathleen unknowingly meet in Starbucks, here is a copycat recipe for Starbucks totally delicious banana nut bread.

movies and food13.jpg


11. Rudy—Shepherd’s Pie

Another sports classic, Rudy is the triumphant story of a football player at the University of Notre Dame. Fontbonne’s campus is pretty in the Fall, but Notre Dame may have us beat.

Go Irish!

movies and food12.jpg


Note: this recipe is slightly more advanced and time-consuming than the others. 

12. Planes, Trains & Automobiles—Road Trip Trail Mix

Planes, Trains & Automobiles starring Steve Martin and John Candy is the hilarious story of a man traveling home to his family for Thanksgiving.

What’s the best road trip snack? Trail mix! (Be warned: it is addictive. You will sit and eat the whole thing if you don’t distance yourself after an appropriate amount.)

movies and food10.jpg

Here’s a sweeter, fall-inspired trail mix:

Here’s a more savory trail mix:

13. The Conjuring—Chili

Oh yeah, another scary movie series. I personally don’t enjoy scary movies; I’d much rather watch a rom-com. But the Conjuring movies present an interesting plot and historical twists that make these films much more interesting than your basic ghost movie. The Nun—the prequel to the first Conjuring film—was released in September 2018.

You can’t have Fall without chili. Why not spice things up with a little ghost pepper? Just kidding. (Or am I?)

movies and food3.jpg


Pro tip: Try adding some pumpkin to your chili; it’s to die for! (Not literally.)

That is it for the definitive list of fall movies to watch and food to make! Here’s to a chilly night full of feels, frights and yummy food.

Did you try any of these recipes or have a movie marathon day of your own? Are there any essential movies or snacks that you think I missed?

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All movie posters from the Internet Movie Data Base. All food images from the recipe page or are in the public domain, unless otherwise noted. 

I am a sophomore Professional Writing major from St. Louis, Missouri. I attended Bishop DuBourg High School, and am involved in Campus Ministry, the Honors Program, and the Women's Basketball team here at Fontbonne University. I am a huge foodie and am helplessly addicted to coffee; you can probably find me in the corner of Starbucks reading a book.

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