Giving Thanks (For Fried Chicken)

Thanksgiving is a time that families come together and remember all that they are thankful for. It is a time for cherishing each other’s presence. It can be an emotional time for some and that often makes the day even more special. Besides the emotional side of thanksgiving, there’s the eating side! Who doesn’t love turkey and mashed potatoes?!


I am not a fan of the turkey because I think it is too much of a dry meat. My mom, in the past, set aside the “dark” meat for me and said it was the juiciest of the turkey, but I still believed it to be dry. So instead of turkey I request fried chicken. The chicken does not need to come from a restaurant or from a fast food joint; it could come from my grandma’s kitchen and I would accept that over turkey. If I do want the chicken from a restaurant, I prefer Hodak’s. As a side dish, mashed potatoes are alright, but I like asking for French fries. Hey, it’s still potatoes, so I am not drifting too far off the traditional thanksgiving foodThanksgiving path. Does not liking turkey make me a non-American? Who knows? In the end I am still chowing down on some good food with my family for who I am very thankful for.

Turkey and mashed potatoes seem to be a normal thing served on Thanksgiving, but what else is a served? Not everyone will have the same food selections for their holiday meal, so I decided to find out what some of the Fontbonne students and their families devour on Thanksgiving. Along with their food options, I wanted to know if anyone had any fun activities that their families do that involve the theme of Thanksgiving. For example, my cousins all get together and have a big meal, then we gather in one room and write down on a card what we are thankful for and then we trade with someone and they read the card aloud. I wondered if my family is the only that does something like this, so I figured I would ask fellow Fontbonne students.


What does Thanksgiving mean to you?

“Spending time with my family is what Thanksgiving means to me. Coming together and being thankful for all that we have been given.”

Are there any unique foods that you look forward to on Thanksgiving?

“My mom makes this applesauce jello thing and it is delicious. Instead of water, she heats up applesauce and then cooks it with the jello stuff and then it turns out to be jello with the grainy applesauce consistency. Instead of the other Thanksgiving food, I just get a plate of that because it is so good.”

Do you and your family do anything fun on Thanksgiving, besides eating?

“My family just eats food and then my mom, aunt, my cousin, and I go through the Black Friday ads to see what looks good before we go out to shop.”

Family seems to be a major thing in most people’s Thanksgiving celebrations. Why wouldn’t it be? I did not receive a full recipe for the “applesauce jello thing,” but I am sure it tastes great. Then again, I love applesauce and always have. I am not surprised to hear of people looking through all the sales offered. I am glad to hear of people being prepared to shop, it seems like it would not create “aisle jams.”


What does Thanksgiving mean to you?

“Me and my family gathering together and reflecting on what we are thankful for. Family is something I am very thankful for.”

Are there any unique foods that are served for your Thanksgiving meal, or is there anything that you specifically look forward to on Thanksgiving?

“We always have sweet potatoes.”

Do you and your family do anything fun on Thanksgiving?

“No, not really. We eat and then relax.”


What does Thanksgiving mean to you?

“Thanksgiving is about family time.”

Does your Thanksgiving cook prepare anything special?

“Not particularly, just the traditional turkey, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese and bread. Nothing too special.”

How about post-meal? Do you and your family do anything together?

“We get together in the living room and play ‘Risk.’”

It seems like Jen and Satchel like it keep their celebrations closer to the traditional ways which is perfectly fine and might even be better. How so? Well, there would be nothing too stressful throughout the day. In my family, cousins and all, if you are hosting the Thanksgiving feast it seems like you won’t get a break until every family member leaves the house. That just seems like a lot of stress, so keeping things in the traditional fashion is a good idea.

After conducting these few interviews, I have discovered a new dessert, an applesauce jello cuisine. I will have to add it to my personal Thanksgiving menu; maybe you can too! I thought about trying out sweet potatoes, but it just doesn’t jump out at me, but French fries still do. So, whether you keep it simple or add something unique to the table, Thanksgiving is a time to acknowledge all the things you are truly thankful for while being surrounded by your family.

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