Graze Anatomy: What to Eat While Binge-watching

Still deciding on what new show to binge-watch while eating your favorite snacks?? Look no further because this article contains song-inspired snack suggestions related to Grey's Anatomy, a very binge-worthy show to watch.

If you ever discuss Grey’s Anatomy on campus, you might see me peek my head around the corner to chime in, since it is one of my absolute favorite shows. If you are not familiar with the show, Grey’s Anatomy is a well-known medical drama created by Shonda Rhimes. It currently is on its 15th season on ABC, still going strong. Ellen Pompeo, a.k.a. Dr. Meredith Grey, has been rumored to be leaving the show after the 16th season, which would break my heart. As a Grey’s fan though, my heart has been broken many times due to the endless sad episodes, but the songs keep bringing me back to it.


If you are familiar with this show, you know the handful of iconic songs we associate with Grey’s Anatomy, such as the Fray’s How to Save a Life or Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars. Each episode title is a song title, so the hundreds of episodes include various songs that hook the audience into crying and feeling all the emotions we can feel. You might be asking how we could combine songs, food, and watching the show?? Well, if you are someone who likes to snack while watching great shows like Grey’s Anatomy, then continue to read to hear about the song-inspired snacks people never get tired of, while hopefully watching a show I never get tired of watching.


  1. Chasing Cakes:

Sweets are always a great way to go when snacking. Cookies and cake pops are relatively cheap and can also be homemade for the bakers or crafty people out there. Ice cream is also a superb choice, with many options including lactose-free flavors. If you like more salty foods, but with a little sugar, then try popcorn paired with your favorite candy. Also, dark chocolate is a healthier alternative for the many people who love chocolate and it is one of my favorites.


  1. How to Save a Bite:

Leftovers are a cost-effective way to eat, especially if it’s my favorite kind, Chinese food. Cold pizza is a classic, so that is also a solid option. Plus, rationing and meal prep is becoming more popular today, so saving money and saving food for later is a good idea. Whether you decide to pick up food, get it delivered, or just eat at home, do not forget to keep it all just in case you want some later. Labeling your leftovers can help you avoid your family members eating them while you are gone, too.


  1. Eat (2AM):

Most of us like to snack late at night, so tip-toeing around the house in the middle of the night is to be expected of students. It is normal to have cravings at random times, especially before bed. Cereal is a popular late-night snack, as there are endless choices for such. The Atlantic’s Romm shared “Because we don’t need as much energy at night, cortisol levels decrease, telling our bodies that it’s time to go to sleep—when we stay awake, though, we’re driven to compensate for the resulting blood-sugar drop by eating food.” It is expected for most teenagers and young adults to snack before bed, so continue to eat your favorite late-night snacks (without getting crumbs in your bed).


  1. Off I Go (To Go Get Food):

If you are hungry and have the means to go get food, that is half the battle to getting it somewhere other than your place of living. As adults, it seems we have more access to go get food when and where we want, but also that means we sometimes must give ourselves the “we have food at home” talk. Since those $5-10 transactions seem to add up quickly, maybe go out to treat yourself instead of a daily occurrence. But, if you have some time and money to spare, going out to eat with your friends/family is a fun way to get out of the house that we can all look forward to doing.


If you ever find yourself binge-watching, make sure to eat your favorite snacks to ensure an enjoyable experience. Grey’s Anatomy is just a suggestion, so if you ever hear these famous songs think of the array of song-related snacks available, along with the possibility of sitting back and watching your favorite TV show.


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