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Putting the Spring Back in Your Semester

Whether you are a student or faculty member, transitioning into the colder spring semester can be difficult. As we are finally in February, we are inching towards our spring break that is surprisingly right around the corner. It can be hard to adjust and stay motivated, so here are some tips to help put the spring back in the spring semester.


Get a Planner or Make To-Do Lists:

Planners and to-do lists help us tremendously, even if it seems tedious when you are writing every task down. I find it best to have a to-do list and write down the due dates, because checking things off makes us feel more productive. A New York Times article shared that “Research even suggests that writing down things by hand helps you retain information better, which is a useful perk if you really don’t want to forget that important work deadline.” Writing down everything you must do and even putting it all into your phone’s calendar can help you stay on top of things. There is something satisfying about crossing things off and counting down the days until our next break or even just the weekend. You can write your goals down and other important things to keep track of too, which will help you this spring semester.


Find a New Study Spot:

Everyone typically has their study spots, like in the library or in your dorm. Most of us like routine so we try to find similar environments where we can quietly do our work. Some of us prefer more crowded areas to do our work while others prefer spots where they are by themselves. The Jack C. Taylor Library on campus has some great study spots, or you can head to the nearest Starbucks, which is about five minutes away on Clayton Rd. Once the weather gets warmer outside, that will open up more spots for you to work plus beautiful days tend to motivate you to be more productive. A 2018 Forbes article discussed the data behind working outside, including that working in nature can help reduce stress and make you more energetic. Those qualities can help motivate you to get work done. Just like real estate, studying is affected by the location, location, location!


Get Involved on Fontbonne’s Campus:

The spring semester provides you with new and exciting opportunities to get involved on the Fontbonne campus. Spring brings us different sports seasons and our annual Dance Marathon in April. There are flyers around campus that promote clubs and organizations such as the Black Student Union, Enactus, and Fontbonne International Student Organization. There are also baseball, women’s/men’s basketball, and lacrosse games to attend to support your fellow Griffins! If you attended games in the fall, be sure to keep up the support before the academic year ends in May! There is something for everyone, including those who commute, so getting more involved on Fontbonne’s campus is easier than you think .


Plan a Fun Getaway for Spring Break:

Having something to look forward to helps us stay motivated throughout the semester. Spring break is coming up quickly, so that can provide you with spontaneous opportunities or planned activities that will help put the spring back in your life. Some simple things you can do with your friends or family include: going to the lake, volunteering locally, or going shopping in the nice weather.  A whole week off from school is something fun to look forward to, so spend it however you would like. There are high expectations for college spring break, including stereotypes, but a low-key approach can help you de-stress from the spring semester.


Prepare for Graduation or Attend Graduation:

If you are graduating this year, you know the feeling of inching towards the end goal. May will come quicker than we think, so it is best to start prepping now so you are prepared. For starters, double-check with your advisor to ensure your paperwork and credits align, so you are eligible to graduate. It is also a good excuse to get a new outfit, so you can go get a new ensemble and/or decorate your graduation cap with something original. Plus, you can start planning a party for yourself or your friends who are graduating, if applicable. It is a fun time in a student’s life and celebrating your hard work is important.


One of the best things about the spring semester is that it is shorter than the fall. We have tons to do look forward to that can help motivate us to push through this cold semester. We have spring break, Easter break, and then graduation for some. Your hard work will pay off and will showcase your motivation throughout the semester, so keep up the good work and get ready for spring break! After that, we move on to looking forward to summer, which brings its own fun. We will make it through this semester and hopefully these tips can help put the spring back in your semester.


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