Time to Jam to Some Praise Music

Do you enjoy music and want to expand your horizons? Check out this article about the worship/spirit music community!

Music can be a huge helping hand in getting through life.  There are many genres of music, one being the worship/spirit music genre.  This genre is very uplifting to many people, but also tends to be very underrated.  Contrary to what you might expect, you don’t need to belong to any specific religion or (even be religious at all!) to listen to and enjoy worship/spirit music.  This type of music is just a way to better your mood and relieve stress.  Many people don’t know where to begin when it comes to this music scene, so I am going to provide a starting point with a list of some of the top artists/bands and their top songs.  

Lauren Daigle

Lauren Daigle is a 27-year-old American Contemporary Christian music singer and songwriter.  She is from Lafayette, Louisiana and is signed to the Centricity Music label. She has two studio albums, How Can It Be which came out in 2015, and Look Up Child which came out recently in 2018.   Lauren said her recent album “has transcribed the pulse of my veins to musical form.”  With her recent album, she appeared on talk shows like The Ellen Show and has been compared to singers like Adele.  She has many hit songs from her two albums and singles, three of them that I recommend are: “You Say,” “Look Up Child,” and “Trust in You”.  Her song, “Trust in You” has over 78 million views on YouTube.  Lauren is a great starter artist into the worship/spirit music community that you should check out. 

Francesca Battistelle 

Another starter artist to help you step into the worship/spirit music community  is Francesca Battistelle.  She is 33-year-old American Christian singer and songwriter from New York City.  She started out as an independent artist and released an independent album called Just a Breath in 2004.  Her first studio album with Fervent Records was released in 2008 called My Paper Heart. Three of her songs that I recommend listening to are: “The Breakup Song,” “Holy Spirit,” and “He Knows My Name.” “The Breakup Song” has over nine million views on its official music video on YouTube.  

Tauren Wells 

Tauren Wells is a 32-year-old American Christian rock and pop artist from Battle Creek, Michigan.  He is the former frontman of the American Christian pop rock band Royal Tailor, but now is a solo artist.  Wells produced two albums when he was in his former band, and since going solo has produced an album called Hills and Valleys, named after his hit single.  Three of the first songs I recommend you listen to by Tauren are: “Hills and Valleys,” “Known,” and “When We Pray”.  The acoustic version of “Hills and Valleys” has logged over 30 million views.  If you are new to the worship/spirit music scene, Tauren Wells is a great artist to listen to.  

Matthew West 

Matthew West is another great artist you should look into if you are new to the community.  Matthew West is a 41-year-old American Contemporary Christian Musician/Singer/Songwriter.  Since he began his career, he has produced five studio albums.  Three songs that I recommend that you check out by him are: “Hello, My Name Is,” “Broken Things,” and “Grace Wins.”  The lyric video for “Hello, My Name Is” has over 24 million views.  Matthew West has an extensive discography, so if you enjoy these, you should check out more of his beautiful work.  


One of many great worship/spirit bands that I recommend you check out is MercyMe.  MercyMe is an American Contemporary Christian music band founded in Oklahoma in 1994. The band consists of lead vocalist Bart Millard, percussionist Robby Shaffer, bassist Nathan Cochran, and guitarists Michael Scheuchzer and Barry Graul.  Three songs I recommend by them are: “I Can Only Imagine,” “Even If,” and “Dear Younger Me.”  “I Can Only Imagine” and “Even If” both have over 50 million views on YouTube.  MercyMe recently had a movie made based on one of their first hit songs, “I Can Only Imagine,” that I also recommend. MercyMe has been around for quite some time and they are still putting out great hits that are definitely worth listening to.  

Hillsong Worship 

Praise music isn’t limited to America! For example, Hillsong Worship is an Australian Christian music praise and worship group from Sydney, Australia.  They started making music in 1983 at Hillsong Church.  The music group consists of many members (over 10) who all play an important role within their group.  Three songs that I recommend you listen to by them are: “What A Beautiful Name,” “Who You Say I Am,” and “I Surrender.”  Hillsong Worship’s song “What A Beautiful Name,” has over 260 million views on YouTube.  The songs by Hillsong Worship are a bit more like your classic church worship songs.  If you like those three songs, they have many more songs that you can look into.  

Worship/praise music is a great opportunity for everyone to branch out musically.  If you like these six artists/bands, then there are many more great musicians and bands in this community that you should check out. Always feel free to email me (KPembe00097@fontbonne.edu) for recommendations!  This type of music will uplift your soul and make you feel better after listening to it.  I highly recommend that you give the worship/spirit music community a chance by checking out these artists/bands/songs.  

2 comments on “Time to Jam to Some Praise Music

  1. Sarah Cline

    Awesome article! Im so proud of you!!

  2. Sam Vossen

    Great article KASSPEM, and could not agree more that you do not have to be religious to “jam to some praise music.” All of the artists you recommended are passionate and purposeful about what they do and are looking for their audience to feel the same when they listen to their work (thanks for the great links, BTW!)
    Praise music is so much more main stream than people may realize. Did anyone see Matthew West’s next tour date is at the Bridgestone Arena In Nashville, TN? HUGE! Also, Lauren Daigle’s voice is killer!
    Keep up posted KASSPEM!

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