The Roaring 20s

October 1926—The First Publication

In October of 1926, Fontbonne College published its first student-run newspaper, The Font.

The first volume highlighted the beginning of the school year and all that goes along with it, while specifically featuring the entrance to Ryan Hall.


These are the terms that were used to describe the entrance to Ryan Hall in 1926. “It is veritably a ‘door to opportunity.’”

These three words represented—and continue to represent—Fontbonne students to this day. Fontbonne students aspire to soar higher and lift others up with them. Fontbonne students aim to learn invaluable skills to excel in life beyond the classroom. Fontbonne students strive to find and seek to provide stability for themselves and those around them. Fontbonne students are “wholesome, true, and energetic in promoting every high and good cause.”

Fontbonne students soar higher.

Read the rest of the first Font publication here.

I am a sophomore Professional Writing major from St. Louis, Missouri. I attended Bishop DuBourg High School, and am involved in Campus Ministry, the Honors Program, and the Women's Basketball team here at Fontbonne University. I am a huge foodie and am helplessly addicted to coffee; you can probably find me in the corner of Starbucks reading a book.

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