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The newest Marvel movie has mixed reviews, but here is mine! I wanted to review the movie but also explain the importance of representation in film.

Most of you have probably heard people talk about Marvel movies within the past ten years. The latest film, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain Marvel, has made a box office boom since its release on March 8th, 2019 and increased fans’ excitement for the final Avengers movie being released in April. Variety shared that Captain Marvel has made over $900 million dollars globally, with over $300 million accumulated from ticket sales North America. Captain Marvel made its debut this month, so I had to go see it! My expectations were moderately high, but that is fair with any movie I plan to see. TIME said that each of Marvel’s past twenty movies made more than $100 million in the United States. There is a reason they make so much money: they are just that good (well, except the Captain America movies).

Editor’s note: the above opinion re: the Captain America films does not represent The Griffin Roar, its staff, or in particular faculty advisor Scott Sellnow-Richmond.

Superhero movies are well-known for having male leads, but Captain Marvel’s Brie Larson fights this norm. The plot consists of Larson’s character pilot Carol Danvers beginning to discover there’s more to her past than what she originally thought. With agent Nick Fury’s help, they set out to find the truth behind the dreams she has been having. Larson is young actor who has starred in a few well-known movies, but this role will surely increase her presence. Larson’s empowering character who fights for her own identity is an easy concept for some to relate to. I enjoy this aspect of empowering films because I find it important for movies to inspire their audiences. I believe people of all ages find role models in these movies, but it is important for young children to see how important women can be. Children can see successful people who reflect their own qualities. When girls see these powerful female characters, they can think to themselves how they can achieve their own goals. Empowering female leads make movies different. With society’s different waves of feminist movements, more people than ever – including men- are identifying as “feminists.” When they follow what true feminism means, they fight for gender equality.

As far as my reaction to the film itself, Captain Marvel had some interesting plot dynamics, but it seemed a bit harder to follow for someone who did not know anything about her character prior to watching. Samuel L. Jackson’s iconic role as Nick Fury made the movie easier to follow for me, since I always love his characters. I thoroughly enjoyed how this movie was set in the 1990s too. The cinematography was great, and I saw the usual Marvel special effects. It just made me so much more excited for Avengers: Endgame, the epic conclusion to Marvel Studios’ twenty-two films.

These movies are constantly breaking records at the box office, as to be predicted with their huge fanbase. Marvel may seem overrated to some movie fans, but I know these movies have positively affected many lives. Whether you read the comics or just like the movies, you can make connections to your own life. The Stan Lee cameos are heartwarming, especially in Captain Marvel. Stan Lee passed away in November of 2018, but his legacy lives on in these famous movies. BBC News touched on how Stan Lee’s superheroes helped “change the world.” This article shared how he used his platform to help fight racism and prejudice. For example, Black Panther was “praised for providing the representation many black audiences had been craving for, from children seeing what they could grow up to be, to women witnessing their hair and skin tones being celebrated on screen.” Throughout his ninety-six years, Lee inspired millions and created characters that led to one of the largest franchises in movie history. From the diverse characters and plots, the variety of Marvel movies has fans constantly raving. I find these films to be super so please watch a few, since you have more than twenty Marvelous options.

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