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A Spring Series: From Fever to Love to Cleaning

Spring has finally sprung on the FBU Campus. As a part of our recent partnership with the Fontbonne University Archives, we’ve compiled some of our favorite Spring pieces from The Font publications of the past.

“Mysterious ‘Germ’ Plagues Entire Fontbonne Campus” by Norrine Gibbons – May 1946

Deliriously happy, starry-eyed illusions, lack of logical thinking, mutism, in addition the victim regresses to infantile level, shows signs of excitement, resents or ignores reality, and day dreams

These symptoms sounds nice to us, tbh.

This disease must be closely related to PSBD (Post-Spring Break Disorder).

“Shirley La Hurley’s New Column; Advice on Love is Free in the Spring” – May 1940

L’amour toujours, l’amours.
Love always, loves!

This “strictly for adults” section presents some interesting—to say the least—free love advice. We leave it up to the reader whether to accept it or not…

From the “Let’s Talk It Over…” section – March 1942

We still feel you, Jeanne.

Sincerely, 2019

From the “Nan Sees” section – May 1955

Mother Nature’s handy cleanser—Spring

This poetic description of Spring cleaning has me feeling some type of way…
I’m gonna go clean my room Marie Kondo-style.

“Spring Is” – March 1964

We’re in the midst of watching Clayton turn green from the Fontbonne campus. And we’re enjoying every minute of it.

What is spring to you?

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