5 Places to check out in the Delmar Loop

As you step onto the sidewalk, you begin to smell the delicious food of various restaurants, hear the people talking and laughing up and down the street, and see the lights of store signs lighting up the streets. This long row of shops, restaurants, and sources of entertainment known as the Delmar Loop is roughly one and a half miles away from Fontbonne, which time-wise is equal to about a five-minute drive. A five-minute drive could also be a walk or bike ride for those on campus without a car. 

The Loop is a great place for Fontbonne students to go eat, do homework, or just walk around shopping and hanging out with friends. The streets are lined with parking spots with quarter-fed meters, and there are also a few parking lots near shops along Delmar Boulevard. The easiest way to get around is by foot, since not many parking spaces are available up and down the street. However, you could also ride on the rentable scooters or the trolley if walking isn’t really your thing.

Enigma Tattoos & Piercings

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Enigma Tattoos and Piercings is a highly recommended tattoo and piercing parlor around campus. I recently had my first tattoo done here, and I thoroughly enjoyed my experience here. The staff is welcoming and do exceptional work. Their prices are beyond reasonable (I paid only eighty dollars for my modestly sized forearm tattoo), and they also sell after-care packages with instructions, stickers, and some other merchandise near the front desk. The staff is also very efficient in their work. For my experience, it took about fifteen minutes to get paperwork done, a tattoo stencil made, and my tattoo artist to be ready for me. It then took only about twenty to thirty minutes for my tattoo to be done. Overall, Enigma is a great place to go for Fontbonne students considering a piercing and/or tattoo.  


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Avalon is a modestly sized resale shop in the Loop. They buy, sell, and trade used clothes, bags, jewelry, and shoes. To ensure quality, they have a list of standards as well as a list of specific brands they are looking to buy from independent sellers and buy seasonally to bring the appropriately timed styles into the store. Most of the brands they look for are name brands and designer such as Adidas, Balenciaga, and LuLuLemon. Tony LaRocca, a sophomore soccer player at Fontbonne, sells clothes to Avalon and described it as a “vintage Plato’s” store.  

Blueberry Hill

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Blueberry Hill is a bar, grill, and music club in the Loop that offers more than just food; it offers entertainment. Blueberry Hill has phenomenal food, a dart room with walls are lined with arcade games. On certain nights there is live entertainment, and there is always music playing — Elvis Presley, Queen, Whitney Houston, etc. This restaurant has a very chill atmosphere made even better by the food. Blueberry Hill has a variety of options on their menu spanning from pretzel bites to chocolate Bundt cakes to mouth-watering burgers. 

The Baked Bear

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The Baked Bear is an ice cream sandwich shop farther down the Loop. Their ordering style is comparable to Subway in that you choose your top and bottom of your sandwich, then select your ice cream, choose your toppings, and decide on the option to get your sandwich warmed up. Senior women’s basketball captain Mallory Proffer says of The Baked Bear, “(It’s my) favorite place to go… because of the variety of choices, whether it’s ice cream or cookies, and the great atmosphere!”  

Vintage Vinyl

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Vintage Vinyl is described as having “the best deals on the best records” by freshman wrestler Bryce Alberty. They have records, tapes, and CD’s for sale. There are also small headphone stations with sample music playing various genres. You can stand there just listening to music and relax for a few minutes. There are various clearly labeled sections of the store with music from different genres, and the store has a very hipster music atmosphere that is a lot of fun to be in. So if you are looking for some music, this is a good place to go explore.  

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