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What’s New in Student Organizations?

Miss the Fontbonne EXPO? Not to worry!

Miss the Fontbonne EXPO? Not to worry! I am sure you have seen plenty of student organizations promoted on bulletin boards, signs, and maybe you’ve walked past a few fun and inventive activities they host here on campus. But have you heard about the new and updated orgs on campus?

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a way for students (athletes and non-athletes) to become closer with their Christian faith. During the time that they meet, they talk about scripture and play games such as kickball, volleyball, spike ball and more! FCA President Alexis Becker describes the group’s mission this way: Fellowship of Christian Athletes’ purpose is to present to athletes and coaches, and all whom they influence the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church.”

Becker goes on to say,We have huddle meetings twice a month which include Food, Fun, and Fellowship. We typically start with a game and then discuss various topics tying the Bible to living our faith on and off the field.” Becker states that anyone is welcome to join, athlete or not. FCA wants to be able to share in the goodness of the Lord with as many people as possible.

To join, you can simply come to a meeting or email Becker at to be added to the Group Me to hear information about FCA’s events. Another way to stay updated is to follow their Instagram @FBU_FCA.

University Programming Council (UP)

Interested in leading fun and exciting events here on campus? This might be the organization for you! According to UP President Samantha Boeving, UP’s mission statement is:

“The University Programming Council (UP) serves as a student-led, student-driven programming board. Our purpose is to bring cultural, educational, fun, inclusive, and entertaining events to the Fontbonne community.”

UP is an organization on campus that puts on fun events such as College Colors Day, Squeeze the Day, and Snowcoming. During this year’s Snowcoming they will have American Idol winner Kris Allen come and perform.

Boeving stated, “We are always welcoming new members to our organization! To join you can email myself at or attend one of our general board meetings that take place every other Friday in the LACE center from 12 p.m.- 1 p.m.”

Be sure to reach out as soon as you possibly can!

Fontbonne University Choir

Interested in getting your singing voice out there? Join Fontbonne University’s choir! Choir Director Nicholas Moramarco had helpful and insightful information to share about Fontbonne Universities Choir.  

Moramarco stated that the choir meets for practice two times a week: Wednesdays at 8 p.m. in the Lewis room, and Mondays at 11a.m. in the theatre. At these practices, they harmonize for the singing of the National Anthem at volleyball games as well as practice for their end of the semester concert.

Their end of the semester concert this year is on December 5. It is open for anyone to attend.

Director Moramarco is open to new faces in the choir room. To join, email him at Don’t be afraid of putting yourself out there and being open to singing.

Creative Writing Club (CWC)

Want to better your writing skills or even just write for fun? Creative Writing Club is right up your alley!

Creator and president of the club J’von Halbert says, “My organization entails simply having and providing a space for students to express themselves creatively, mainly through writing of poetry. But students are also allowed to color, paint, write music, etc.”

Creative Writing Club meets every Tuesday night from 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. During this time you can express what you want to through any of the outlets listed above.

Halbert stated that this organization is open to anyone and is always welcoming new faces!

“I think when people hear the word “writing” they automatically get turned off and don’t want to participate,” Halbert said. “But what I want people to know is that Creative Writing Club makes writing personal, and there aren’t forms and structures for this kind of writing. We allow you to write about what you want and however you want to write about it.”

If you want to join this organization you can email Halbert at or attend a CWC meeting.

Take the opportunity to express yourself through creative writing! Who knows, you might have just found your new hobby.

Involvement IS Important!

Getting involved on campus is a part of your college career! These last four years are the ones that you will remember the most. Make the best of them by getting involved in some amazing organizations here on Fontbonne’s campus.

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