Photo of Melissa Eichhorn's Cardinals poster.

11 Going on 12? Cardinals Push for Playoffs

Playoffs are right around the corner and the Cardinals want a spot.

1926, 1931, 1934, 1942, 1944, 1946, 1964, 1967, 1982, 2006, 2011… 2019?

The St. Louis Cardinals are eleven-time World Series Champions and they are hoping to make it twelve this 2019 season. Under the managing of Mike Shildt, the Cardinals are 84 (wins) and 66 (losses) as of September 16. This record puts them two games ahead of their division rivals, the Chicago Cubs, who are 82 and 68.

After the three game series with the Washington Nationals, the Cardinals face the Chicago Cubs for a four game series, then the Arizona Diamondbacks and then once again for the final series of the regular season, the Cubs. Twelve games left is what’s on deck for the Cardinals, and with their confident team and strong fan base it is hard to imagine a 2019 postseason without them.

Looking around the Fontbonne University campus, one will see a lot of red this time of year. Though studying is taking place just about any hour of the day, students never forget to show their pride, whether it’s for their school or local sports teams.

“Do you think the Cardinals will make it to the playoffs this year?”


The resounding yes I heard from most students gave me the confidence to believe that the Cardinal’s fans on campus fully support the team.

“Is there a reason for why you think that [the Cardinals making the playoffs]?”

“We have a solid team this season and though we may have had a rough patch we are back on track,” Houston Himes, junior at Fontbonne University, told me. “Flaherty is strong and healthy which is great, it is what they [the Cardinals] need to finish strong during the regular season.”

As of right now, the belief that the Cardinals will make the playoffs is in the air. This is due to the batting averages I see when scrolling through the “stats” tab on .285 (Tommy Edman and Kolten Wong), .270 (Tyler O’Neil), and .269 (Yairo Munoz) are some of the Cardinal’s heavy hitters as of late. Though Paul Goldschmidt has a .258 batting average, he leads the team with 31 home runs, plus he has a resounding 142 hits. These are the stats a fan wants to see when late September approaches. These are the stats that give fans hope.

.378 is the ERA, earned runs allowed, of the Cardinals currently. This puts them at the number five spot of 30 teams in the league when looking at the ERA statistic. This should give the fans a lot of confidence when it comes to playoff competition. Adam “Uncle Charlie” Wainwright, Miles Mikolas, Dakota Hudson, and Jack Flaherty are who Mike Shildt will turn to to get the game started out the right way. Carlos Martínez, John Brebbia, and John Gant are who Mike Shildt will turn to to solidify the win.

Between the heavy hitters and the depth in pitching, the St. Louis Cardinals are a sure fire thing to make the playoffs. The Cardinals haven’t made a postseason appearance since 2015, but this is the year it could all change. This is the year the Cardinals add another flag to center field, which is a part of their tradition when winning the World Series.

world series poster
Melissa Echhorn’s felt poster. Photo by the author. 

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  1. Lisa Frederick

    Go Cardinal’s you can do it! Nice article Jon!

  2. Linda Markway CSJ

    Go Cardinals…may the redbirds fly around the bases beginning tonight!

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