Are Things Getting Stranger?

*Spoilers ahead, read at your own risk!* Stranger Things. This quirky and chilling television series came out in July 2016, and has captured the hearts of its viewers ever since.

*Spoilers ahead, read at your own risk!*

Stranger Things. This quirky and chilling television series came out in July 2016, and has captured the hearts of its viewers ever since. It is almost impossible to label this series due to its unpredictability and constant mood change throughout the seasons. The end of each season left everyone in the shadows because of the suspenseful and dramatic effects of the previous episodes. The most recent season, season three, came out in July, 2019, and this season leaves viewers even more confused and perplexed for what’s coming next.

Like the seasons before it, season three of Stranger Things started off with a bang. It takes place in the summer of 1985 in the small town of Hawkins, Indiana.

The show takes a different turn than any other season before it by splitting up the well-known friend group into smaller groups; creating new friends and enemies along the way. Robin, Steve, Dustin, and Erica are a perfect example of “making new friends and keeping the old.” They make the perfect investigative group; viewers know them as “The Scoops Troop.” This goofy gang of heroes discover the Russian lab right under the very ice cream shop Robin and Steve work.

It’s easy to assume that scientists in Hawkins, Indiana, aren’t done experimenting with the world of the upside down. When the Star Court Mall is built in this town, the citizens don’t know that there’s a secret Russian facility and lab built underneath this local hot spot. In season two, Eleven thought she got rid of the hideous monster that was terrorizing her and her friends; but towards the middle of season three, learns she was gravely mistaken.

The different friend groups all work towards the same goal throughout the season: Who has the mind flayer taken control of? Contrary to the popular belief of the gang, it is not just Billy who has been brain washed, but a handful of other characters. The most important person, the root of all of their problems, is Billy Hargrove. Max must come to terms with her step brother becoming a victim of the mind flayer, knowing that he was a perfect candidate due to his underlying anger and rage.

In the end, the friend group destroys the mind flayer successfully, but there are deaths of loved ones along the way. Police Chief Jim Hopper sacrificed himself in order for the Upside Down to close.

There are many theories regarding Hopper and season four. Many fans have concluded that this brave hero is not in fact dead, but alive and will be appearing in season four.

Fontbonne University student Carrie Steingruby has her own theory for season four. After watching the new teaser trailer released on September 30, announcing that the season won’t take place in Hawkins, Indiana, she had much to say about the upcoming content. “I’m not exactly sure how things are going to pan out, because they’re not in Hawkins anymore.” Steingruby said. “So I think there may be a couple of different plot lines that end up meshing together at the end. I also feel like they need to come to some sort of resolution about El’s powers being lost. I definitely feel like the Upside Down is still alive and there’s something that’s keeping her from getting her powers back. Also, Steve better get a girlfriend this season because he’s my favorite character and he deserves love.”

As a whole, Stranger Things has its viewers puzzled and hungry for more, making the mystery of season four worth the hype and excitement.

Junior Charlie Gibbs has his own thoughts for season four. “The Russians in the end credits are trying to find a way to use the creatures of the upside down against society. It is also very obvious that they have someone locked up in their holding facility and they refer to this person as ‘the American.’ I’m not too sure who this could be, but with time we’ll find out.”

Throughout the various seasons, we see the perfect use of the 80’s style implemented with music and clothing. Peggy Rabun, an avid watcher of the television series who experienced the 80’s for herself said, “Stranger Things is spot on when it comes to the style of the 80’s. This show captured the essence of the 80’s and I think it really showed teens today what it was like to grow up in that time period.” Season three gave the millennials what they wanted to experience for themselves: being a teen in the 80’s.

Fans everywhere have their own thoughts and opinions about the show, including their favorite characters and specific season. Steingruby says, “I love the show. I think it’s unique. I’ve truly never seen anything like it. It’s fiction, but there are also parts to it that are very real and authentic and fun which makes it relatable. It’s also very nostalgic and I love the time period in which it takes place. I think the characters were very well cast, too. The chemistry between characters like Steve and Dustin is undeniable. I really think you get attached to the characters and can really feel and understand the motives behind their actions.”

Stranger Things as a whole gives off a spooky vibe and is perfect to binge watch around Halloween and the fall. Once you start watching it, it’ll be hard to stop, creating a perfect weekend to stay in and become obsessed with this sci-fi thriller series. This spooky season, do yourself a favor. Grab your favorite binge worthy snack and drink and riddle me this: what’s your theory for season four?

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