What Would You Like to Say to Your Future Self?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to talk to your future self? These people gave it a shot!

The future is something that has, for centuries, mystified and amazed scholars and poets alike. Many people have wondered what the future holds for them. In this interview piece, I asked a question that would open a gateway to the future: “what would you like to say to your future self?”

Some people wanted to continue on as they are now, keeping on the right track or working toward a magnificent goal.

Some people had amazing hopes for their future selves, wanting to improve their quality of life, habits, or just general position in life.

Others found this question as an opportunity to let their humor come through, with answers that use fun language and electric descriptions of future events.

Their counterparts used this opportunity to share their most sincere thoughts and aspirations for their future selves. They used deeper thoughts to center their statements.

Most people hoped to improve some aspect of themself in the future. Whether it be a new job, a successful career, or just graduate, everyone had a bigger goal in mind for the future.

Having people reflect on their future really forced them to picture how they might turn out if they either continue as they are now or find ways to improve their trajectory. This article will serve as a time capsule of sorts for the participants to look back on, try to picture their goals, and hopefully make more strides into completing those goals.

3 comments on “What Would You Like to Say to Your Future Self?

  1. Well done Nicole. Here’s another kind of response to my future self: It’s okay if your goals end up being different from mine. Be as you choose.

  2. Carrie Steingruby

    This is super cool! I loved watching this, and it made me think about how I might respond to your question. What a great idea for your multimedia assignment!

  3. Heather Norton

    I really enjoyed this and hope it becomes a series–maybe next “what would you tell your young teenaged self? Great job!

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