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Welcome to Story Time Spotlight!

Join me throughout this podcast series as I explore the art of storytelling in everyday life.

Have you ever wondered about what makes a good story?

You may think you need to experience some dramatic, life-changing event in order to have a good story to tell, but the truth is, everyday people from all walks of life have fun, unique stories!

Throughout this podcast series, I will interview a variety of individuals and hear the most interesting stories from their day-to-day lives.


Stay tuned for Episode 1, which will be released on February 20, 2020.

I'm a St. Louis native currently studying Professional Writing at Fontbonne University. My special skills include baking, playing music, and dishing out sarcastic comments. If I won the lottery, I would a buy Volkswagen hippie van and a lifetime supply of Nutella and take a road trip across the country with my dog.

3 comments on “Welcome to Story Time Spotlight!

  1. The topic caught my eye so I am ready for your future postings Carrie

  2. Looking forward to listening!

  3. Heather Norton

    Looking forward to the first episode!

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