Did You Plan for Super Bowl LIV?

Did you have plans for Super Bowl LIV? If not, check out some Fontbonne student's plans to help plan your Super Bowl LV.

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Fontbonne University is located in St. Louis, Missouri – a city that is without a football team as of 2015. However, just because the city is without football doesn’t mean the fans of the sport disappeared. I was curious to know if anyone in the Fontbonne community was interested in the Super Bowl this year. I wanted to know if they had plans to watch it or not, so I set out to find my answers.  

According to Saketh Andadai, a writer for Essentially Sports, “football seems to be the most popular sport in America.” Super Bowl 52 recorded 106 million viewersOn that note, it is safe to say that football is the most popular sport in America.  

Super Bowl LIV (54) was on February 2nd this year and it was held at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. The teams in this year’s Super Bowl was the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ersThe Chiefs came out on top with a 31 to 20 victory. The Chiefs haven’t won a Super Bowl since 1970 (50 years ago) but they finally did it again.  

Super Bowl Sunday is a day that many people look forward to. It is game that is watched by millions of people. Viewers may include fans of the game, people who enjoy watching the commercials, people who specifically watch for the halftime show, people that watch because their team that they cheer for is playing and because of the beer 

I asked Sebastian Bach, a senior at Fontbonne University, what his plans for Super Bowl were. He told me that he will be spending time with his family and friends. There seems to be a sense of unity when it comes to Super Bowl Sunday. I questioned Sebastian about his motivation for watching the Super Bowl and he responded by saying, “most of the time I don’t have a team to root for, but I love the game of football.”  

He went on to say, “It is the last game of the year against the two best teams from each conference.”  

So, even though his team did not make it to the big dance, he still watches because of his love for the overall game.  

With one last question for Sebastian, I asked him about snacks. I was curious to know if there were any specific snacks that he looked forward to. 

“I am a big fan of mozzarella sticks and wings, any flavor,” Sebastian told me.  

I went on to ask other Fontbonne students if they had plans for Super Bowl Sunday and many replied that they would be at work. Isn’t that a shame? I feel like the Super Bowl should be recognized as a holiday – either the day of or the day right after – but that’s just me.  

Continuing the search to find other Super Bowl plans I asked Hannah Williams, a junior at Fontbonne University, what her plans were. She said that she would be getting together with some friends. She noted that she wasn’t watching to cheer on any specific team, but instead she was watching for the commercials.  

“I love the Dorito’s commercials the most,” Hannah said. “Super Bowl commercials are always worth the watch.” 

I asked Hannah if there were any snacks that she was looking forward. She said, “I am a big fan of buffalo dip and mini corn dogs.” 

On the search to find a fan of one of the competitors in the Super Bowl, I met with Blake Cole, a junior at Fontbonne University. Blake’s family are lifelong supporters of the Kansas City Chiefs, therefore they had to watch Super Bowl LIVWhen I asked Blake about the snacks that he most enjoyed while watching the Super Bowl he mentioned that he looked forward to the wings and nachos. To wrap up our conversation I asked Blake about the commercials during the game. 

“The Doritos commercials and the Bud Light commercials are my favorite,” Blake told me.  

Some of the viewers did not even know what was going on but they watched because of the quality time with friends. Jake Mattas, a junior at Fontbonne University, watched the first quarter of the Super Bowl only because his friends wanted to. Jake told me that his is from the United Kingdom and that he doesn’t know much about the American sports.  

“I mainly went for the beer,” Jake told me while on the topic of why he watched Super Bowl LIV 

“I was pretty bored after the first quarter.”  

I don’t know about you, but buffalo dip is my favorite. Buffalo dip and nacho cheese flavored Doritos is a great combination. It is what I would be having if I wasn’t at work during the game. I, along with many other Fontbonne University students, were at work while the game was going on, but that is okay. Maybe next year I’ll be able to get some pizza and wings and have the chance to relax and watch Super Bowl LV 

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