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Story Time Spotlight: Grandma Carrie’s Cassette Tapes

Episode 1

Welcome to the first full-length episode of Story Time Spotlight.

This photo shows Carrie Bell Minton, the woman who is featured in this podcast episode.
Pictured: Carrie Bell Minton
Photo by Mary Steingruby

This episode features a bit of my family history, lots of humor, and a taste of some authentic 1970s cassette tapes.

To find out more, listen below!

I'm a St. Louis native currently studying Professional Writing at Fontbonne University. My special skills include baking, playing music, and dishing out sarcastic comments. If I won the lottery, I would a buy Volkswagen hippie van and a lifetime supply of Nutella and take a road trip across the country with my dog.

1 comment on “Story Time Spotlight: Grandma Carrie’s Cassette Tapes

  1. Heather Norton

    I loved this podcast–the cassette tapes were such a lovely bonus. Well done and I look forward to more episodes.

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