Editor’s Note

To the readers of the Griffin Roar: 

As members of the Griffin Roar publication team, we thought it both appropriate and necessary to address the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on our community. As you know, the world has experienced some significant changes within the last few weeks. With the recent escalation of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world’s focus has shifted towards practicing social distancing and prioritizing the health of those in our communities.  

The Griffin Roar is created as part of a class at Fontbonne University. Our publication team has also been working to adjust to many changes, including the transition of our class to an online format. We have implemented new processes for learning and communicating with one another at a distance. We are following the guidelines established by our university and by government officials. And in this new context, we continue to work diligently to create content for those in the Fontbonne community and beyond. 

Griffin Roar content is generally planned and created over several weeks. This means that many of the articles we are publishing were written at a time that now feels very distant. The world was still in the beginning stages of the pandemic, and as student writers, we did not foresee the impact that this would eventually have on our everyday lives. Some of our content was specifically intended to unify members of the student body, while other articles simply feel out of context because of the present situation. However, we feel that we should still share our hard work with you all, even as all of our daily lives have changed. Some articles serve as a snapshot of a different time. Some articles may serve as a welcome distraction to our readers. As the semester goes on, our work may address our current context more directly. 

We hope that you all still find enjoyment in reading our articles, and that you remain healthy and safe during this time. We greatly appreciate your continued support of the Griffin Roar, and we will continue to support you in any way we can. 

Carrie Steingruby, managing editor 

Kasi Williamson, assistant professor of communication studies & Griffin Roar instructor/advisor 

I'm a St. Louis native currently studying Professional Writing at Fontbonne University. My special skills include baking, playing music, and dishing out sarcastic comments. If I won the lottery, I would a buy Volkswagen hippie van and a lifetime supply of Nutella and take a road trip across the country with my dog.

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  1. Linda K Markway

    Once again enjoyed your writing skill Carrie

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