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Oil Painting: A Timelapse

In an attempt to capture my artistic process, I began to film myself painting this piece, titled "What Were You Wearing?" a little over a month ago.

This semester, I have been enrolled in Junior Synthesis, the first course at Fontbonne in which art students get the opportunity to have their work displayed in our gallery. Normally, this exhibition would include an opening reception. However, much like everyone else, we’ve had to adjust and postpone certain events within the Fine Arts Department. This year’s Junior Synthesis show will be held as a Facebook live event this Thursday, March 26, at 3:00 p.m. You can check out the Fine Arts Gallery Facebook page here.

This video is a compilation of sped-up clips of me painting a piece titled “What Were You Wearing?” It is based on a smaller mixed media work I completed last year. This piece, along with many others, will be featured in the online Junior Synthesis event this Thursday.

Music credit: By True North, from

1 comment on “Oil Painting: A Timelapse

  1. Heather Norton

    So creative and beautiful–meditative. What a gift in this time of chaos. Thank you so much for filming and sharing.

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