What we do

The Griffin Roar is an online magazine that publishes student perspectives on issues that matter to Fontbonne University students – from our campus to the national stage, from the arts to the sciences, from the little things to the big questions. Like Fontbonne students, Griffin Roar voices are creative, analytical, thoughtful, and light-hearted. Our content is inspired by the topics in our classes, the people we meet, the lives we live, and the world we live in. We showcase high quality, student-created work in a variety of forms and genres.

The opinions or viewpoints published in Griffin Roar are those of the individual authors or persons represented in the article. The opinions and viewpoints published here do not represent the views of the entire class, the Department of Humanities, or Fontbonne University.

Please email questions, comments, responses, or corrections to kwilliamson (at) fontbonne.edu. We will post corrections to online content as appropriate.